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Kayla Mack of Saskatoon was one of Canada’s rugby stars at the recent World Cup.

I’m starting to drive myself crazy

I used to consider myself a good driver. In many ways that isn’t the case anymore.
In a 30-minute period one day last week, I was close to having three accidents. Two involved pedestrians. The other could have been serious for the other driver, as well as Sandy and me.
Before I take the bullet for my pedestrian problems, let me say this: I have never liked the sight lines in my vehicle. It is difficult to make good shoulder checks. And along the sides of the windshield there is a blind spot on the left side.


Back from Brazil
Religious sisters share memories from mission

After serving the Saskatoon mission within the archdiocese of Maceio, Brazil, for extended periods of time, four Saskatchewan religious sisters — two from the Order of Ursuline Sisters and two from the Sisters of Mission Service — have come back to what was once their home territory.
The four were in Brazil long enough to settle well into the everyday lifestyles of people who were hospitable, grateful and joyful despite some of the difficulties they faced.

Progressive Discover-e
Online school gives students an alternative

High school wasn’t working for Michaela Derow.
She was bored and bullied and looking for another way to complete Grades 11 and 12. The 17-year-old decided to enrol in a provincial online school called Progressive Discover-e. The school has been in existence for eight years, and accredited and funded by the Saskatchewan government for the past two.
Through the online school, Derow says she can accomplish what she did from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at a traditional school in fewer than two hours a day. She can even sleep in.


The Sombre Soldier
A poignant reminder of Canada’s sacrifice

ST. JULIAN, West Flanders, Belgium — His head bowed in grief, hands resting on the upturned butt of his rifle, the towering sculptured figure of a Canadian warrior dominates this corner of the killing fields that were western Flanders.
The 11-metre-high memorial was built from a single column of granite and was designed by Regina architect Frederick Chapman Clemesha. Wounded in 1915 while serving as an officer in the Canadian Infantry, Clemesha has captured in his poignant work the horror, sorrow and courage of the Great War.


Less inconvenience with horizontal drilling

Question: I am wondering about the installation of sewer lines along McOrmond Drive. Is using horizontal drilling more expensive than conventional installation methods? Why is the project being done this way?
Mayor Atchison: This type of construction does not disrupt traffic on McOrmond or impact private property or public infrastructure in the area of the installation.
If the contractor dug a trench then we might have to close McOrmond and we didn’t want to do that. There might even be power lines that would have to be moved, causing power disruptions. None of that will happen with the tunnelling method.

Where have all the clotheslines gone?

On the ever-changing landscape, there are things that seem to have disappeared.
In Saskatchewan, like in other Prairie provinces, the grain elevator is basically gone – well, at least those icon-looking ones with their wooden structures. They are being replaced with what appears to be giant blocks of cement. Of course there are still a few here and there, but one should take a selfie with the ones still standing, because they won’t be there for too much longer.

Kayla Mack’s success doesn’t surprise me

Sometimes in sports, certain athletes remain ingrained in your memory. For me, Kayla Mack is one of those athletes.
She’s the girl who was constantly smiling, doing cartwheels on the field and loudly cheering on every member with an unflappable energy. I remember her giving everything 100 per cent, even in running practices. While some of us hid behind the hill, Kayla pushed herself every step of the way, showing an incredible drive for excellence.
That’s why I am not surprised she was the only Saskatchewan representative on the Canadian rugby team that just had its best run in history in the World Cup.

Here’s why Elk Ridge Resort is my favourite place in Sask.

This week’s column is running in what I consider to be our last paper of the summer. Yes, I know, summer isn’t technically over for another three weeks. But let’s face it — once those kids are back in school, it’s over.
So I’m going to use this space to write a completely unsolicited, spontaneous ode to my most favourite place in Saskatchewan — Elk Ridge Resort.
I’ve written about it before. The column was about bad customers, and the amazing folks in the service industry (specifically at Elk Ridge, which I didn’t identify at the time) who not only grin and bear it, but go out of their way to placate those spoiled, misbehaving individuals who seem hell-bent on ruining their own day, plus that of those who dare come into contact with them.

Spreading the word on mental-health illnesses

CLARA HUGHES is a woman on a mission. One of Canada’s most outstanding athletes ever is cycling across our country on what is being called Clara’s Big Ride.
Her goal is to bring awareness to mental-health illnesses. Like so many Canadians, Clara struggles with depression.
“This is going to be an epic journey, the ride of my life. And it’s all for awareness of mental health, breaking down the stigma when it comes to mental illnesses,” she told CBC.

Living with anxiety
People don’t understand panic attacks, but I do

I’m having a bad day.
It is not like this every day. Today is one of the really bad ones. I am feeling anxious.
The anxiety has been controlled to a large extent. I remember the hundreds of days when it wasn’t.
I would leave restaurants in the middle of meals. Sandy was left to either eat alone or follow me out the door. After she paid the bill that is. I would leave movies, leaving her to watch them alone. I remember watching Titanic from the door of the theatre; gosh, it was a long movie. Once, when we were in Las Vegas, we had fourth-row centre seats for Mama Mia.

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