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Two women enjoy the solitude of Kiwanis Park on a nice fall day (Photo by Sandy Hutchinson)

Have you ever had one of these days?

I have written a couple of times about premonitions, coincidences and some downright eerie stuff.
I had a premonition again last week. While reading in bed, I wondered if I had locked the car. I thought about getting up and checking, but didn’t. Who would be out roaming the streets on a Sunday night?
Well, somebody was.
The next morning when I left for work, I noticed the glove compartment of the car was open. That’s not a good sign. I looked over my shoulder and my heart sank. Gone was Sandy’s camera. Left in the back were a window scraper, an old gray hoodie and a letter I forgot to mail a month ago.


Jim McIntyre
A history of success with Saskatoon Contacts

With 32 years of experience with the Saskatoon Contacts midget hockey team, Jim McIntyre knows what it takes for a team to climb to the highest rung on the ladder.
He takes pride that among the collection of 15-year-olds and 16-year-olds that have played for him, eight are currently in the National Hockey League, others are in the American League, 25 are now with Western Hockey League teams and 37 received a college education in the United States.
The current NHLers are Eric Gryba, Luke and Brayden Schenn, Darcy Kuemper, Jared Cowan, Carter Ashton, Cory Sarich and Blake Comeau.

Halloween Hypnosis

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Saskatoon hypnotist Hadlen will be performing on Halloween night at the Roxy Theatre. Having people in the audience in costumes will make fright night more frightful, he promises.
“My plan is to have everyone who is up on stage have the most fun being scared,” Hadlen said with a laugh.
“It will add a whole different realm to do it to see someone dressed up acting completely out of character as to what they dressed up for. I think it will be even funnier than if everyone was in suits, or T-shirts and jeans.”


First World War turning point in Canada’s history: author

The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the First World War, and Saskatoon lawyer and author Michael Krawchuk wants you to continue to reflect on the impact it had on Canada: the people, the communities and the nation.
Krawchuk, who is presenting and signing his book, The Battle of Vimy Ridge: Wall of Fire at Saskatoon’s McNally Robinson on Oct. 23, has been a history buff ever since he was a child.
“As I got older, my interest began to focus on the First World War,” said Krawchuk. “This was partly due to the fact that my great-grandfather served in the war, but also because I began to learn and appreciate the significance of World War One.


Public trashing idea of mandatory composting

Question: Where is the City at in terms of mandatory composting?
Mayor Atchison: The mandatory composting that administration is talking about is certainly not what council has been talking about. Council hasn’t had that discussion yet. Right now, we are dealing with multi-unit recycling. We need to get that program up and running. After we get that program up and running, if administration wants to deal with something else, council can always look it. Having said that, there is no reason why the administration can’t talk to the public to get some feedback about organic composting.

Unknown Comic my Halloween favourite

Aside from the Christmas season, my favourite time of the year is Halloween.
The first time I experienced Halloween was when I was around nine years old. Having grown up in a northern trap line, I had never heard of Halloween.
When my family moved back to my home reserve, I heard all about it, although I didn’t get the concept at first. All I knew was I had to get dressed up and go from house to house to trick or treat.

Meet Reena Nerbas
Household Solutions columnist coming to Saskatoon

Hamburgers are staples of the North American diet, but did you know you can also clean your house with them?
Reena Nerbas, author of the column Household Solutions, uses the hamburger example as an entertaining way to illustrate how common household items can be double-purposed for anything from pest eradication to cleaning water stains off the coffee table.
“The premise of that is there are so many household hints out there. If you took the hamburger, there would be a household tip for every component of the hamburger,” she said in an interview.

The Highest Step in the World inspired by world-record jump

Actor David van Belle is not afraid to take risks.
As the star of a one-man show, all eyes are on him. If he messes up a line, there’s no one else on stage to save him.
Van Belle’s job is to keep the audience members engaged for 70-odd minutes — sometimes as he rises above them while clipped into a flying harness.
It’s all par for the course when van Belle performs in The Highest Step in the World, the latest production on offer as part of Persephone Theatre’s 2014-2015 main stage season.

Spreading the word on mental-health illnesses

CLARA HUGHES is a woman on a mission. One of Canada’s most outstanding athletes ever is cycling across our country on what is being called Clara’s Big Ride.
Her goal is to bring awareness to mental-health illnesses. Like so many Canadians, Clara struggles with depression.
“This is going to be an epic journey, the ride of my life. And it’s all for awareness of mental health, breaking down the stigma when it comes to mental illnesses,” she told CBC.

Living with anxiety
People don’t understand panic attacks, but I do

I’m having a bad day.
It is not like this every day. Today is one of the really bad ones. I am feeling anxious.
The anxiety has been controlled to a large extent. I remember the hundreds of days when it wasn’t.
I would leave restaurants in the middle of meals. Sandy was left to either eat alone or follow me out the door. After she paid the bill that is. I would leave movies, leaving her to watch them alone. I remember watching Titanic from the door of the theatre; gosh, it was a long movie. Once, when we were in Las Vegas, we had fourth-row centre seats for Mama Mia.