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Photographer Steve Gibb took this artsy shot of the lip of the weir from the bank above the river

I was in hog heaven at symposium

It was the first snow of the season. While it seemed like a skiff on lawns, roads quickly turned to ice. Vehicles struggled to make it up inclines. With every car not making it up a hill, more lined up behind it.
My father was unable to move his big old Lincoln after having to stop on an incline on Clarence Avenue at Circle Drive. There were a number of Good Samaritans on the road giving each vehicle a push to get it moving.
My dad heard a knock on his window. The tapper, a man wearing a shirt and sports coat, told him what they were going to do to get his vehicle moving.


Marnie Howlett
A woman who is going places

Anyone who thinks good students are quiet, mousy and introverted should meet Marnie Howlett.
Bubbly, determined and outgoing, the 21-year-old Howlett has completed a list of accomplishments that would exhaust most people. She recently earned the first David A. Mysak Future Leaders Award.
“He was extremely involved in the Ukrainian community,” said Howlett in an interview. “That’s what the basis for the award was. It was cool . . . considering his accomplishment, to be recognized as someone who is following his footsteps.”

Workplace disputes can be settled without confrontation

Former radio host Jian Ghomeshi may not be guilty of workplace harassment, but he certainly presents as a misogynist with a history of violence towards women based on the growing number of reports from women who have allegedly been subjected to his actions.
What he calls consensual “rough sex” is, in reality, assault and battery, and each of his victims has denied that consent was given or implied. Whether or not he is eventually charged with assault after the police investigation is completed, public disclosure of his actions has sealed his fate in terms of his career.


We thought Cosby was one of the good ones

God, it sucks to add Bill Cosby’s name to the growing list of allegedly perverted public figures accused of violating and sexually degrading women. It sucks, because like they so often are, Cosby was supposed to be one of the good guys.
Cosby made his living being the good guy — deconstructing racial stereotypes, promoting everyone’s favourite dessert, and making us laugh by getting kids to say the darndest things.
At the time of writing this, Cosby has not been charged with anything. However, this isn’t the first time he’s been accused of sexual misconduct.


Road improvements come with a cost

Question: What kind of feedback are you expecting with a seven-per-cent budget increase for two consecutive years?
Mayor Atchison: The citizens of Saskatoon said they want better roads, sidewalks and back alleys, and 2.92 per cent has been dedicated to that. I’ve talked to people who say they have seen a remarkable improvement in the roadways. We want to continue to make our roads better. This past year we invested $50 million, and next year we will invest $53 million. We are headed in the right direction and we want to keep moving forward.

Researchers collaborate on dementia project

Collaborators from the Health Quality Council (HQC) and the Rural Dementia Action Research (RaDAR) team are working together to better understand dementia care and the number of people who are living with dementia in Saskatchewan.
The first phase of the RaDAR-HQC Gap Analysis of Dementia Care project – which recently wrapped up – included an analysis of administrative health data, as well as a review of best practices in dementia care and an environmental scan of dementia-related services and resources. The second phase will begin in January.
Debra Morgan, who leads the RaDAR team, said the partnership with HQC has been “fantastic.”

Maybe Ghomeshi case will end the silence of violence against women

Susan Gallagher realized a dream when she opened her new store, Soul Paper, at the end of August.
“I have always wanted to have a paper shop,” Gallagher said.
“People get so much joy from paper,” she added.
The Riversdale-area business is a good fit for Gallagher, who has done paper arts for years and who enjoys working with her hands.
She is also an advocate of “happy mail,” or the pieces of paper people send to celebrate the happy things in life, such as wedding invitations, birthday cards or birth announcements.

Suitor lost his head during the Grey Cup

It was all my fault.
Ever since the days of Ron Lancaster, I have been a fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Not a fanatic, mind you, and not the overly superstitious type, either.
A football game was generally a pretty good excuse to hang out with boys and girls in someone’s garage or basement and have a few brewskis. Like so many others in the province, the Riders lost a lot. We would give the typical response of “Oh well, maybe next year,” or the all-time favourite: “At least the boys played with heart.”

Spreading the word on mental-health illnesses

CLARA HUGHES is a woman on a mission. One of Canada’s most outstanding athletes ever is cycling across our country on what is being called Clara’s Big Ride.
Her goal is to bring awareness to mental-health illnesses. Like so many Canadians, Clara struggles with depression.
“This is going to be an epic journey, the ride of my life. And it’s all for awareness of mental health, breaking down the stigma when it comes to mental illnesses,” she told CBC.

Living with anxiety
People don’t understand panic attacks, but I do

I’m having a bad day.
It is not like this every day. Today is one of the really bad ones. I am feeling anxious.
The anxiety has been controlled to a large extent. I remember the hundreds of days when it wasn’t.
I would leave restaurants in the middle of meals. Sandy was left to either eat alone or follow me out the door. After she paid the bill that is. I would leave movies, leaving her to watch them alone. I remember watching Titanic from the door of the theatre; gosh, it was a long movie. Once, when we were in Las Vegas, we had fourth-row centre seats for Mama Mia.